Pietro Simone

Pietro Simone has dedicated over 20 years of continuous research, applying his extensive knowledge to the evolution of the cosmetic market offering to create a ground-breaking, multi-dimensional, result-driven luxury skincare regime through advanced bio-recognisable and high percentage of cutting edge active ingredients & compounds to treat, condition and support the intricate skin ecosystem whilst managing the ageing process. Pietro Simone Skincare pillars hold at the forefront scientific skincare, biotechnological peptides, meristematic cells culture, protein, amino-acids, vitamins, marine extracts, antioxidants to create an intelligent skincare focusing on surpassing specific skin needs. His passion and dedication met science with the patented creation of the powerful Italian Bella ComplexTM, a scientific elixir of five regional Italian active ingredients which protect against oxidative stress, photo-damage and protein glycation.

This advanced scientific synergy with a profoundly focused methodology & brand philosophy results in an intense anti-ageing, anti-oxidizing and brightening of the epidermis revealing a rejuvenated and refined skin resulting in a loyal list of skincare experts, celebrities, socialites and influencers.

Through the unison of the Pietro Simone scientific skincare approach and specific facial methodologies, a 360 degree skin experience is achieved via the creation of his signature techniques such as the Organic Cotton Thread Exfoliation, the Dry Massage and the introduction of various cutting-edge technologies and ancient skin traditions to unveil a ground breaking skin transformation. The unrivalled cumulative results of his powerful formulations and treatments combine to embrace the highest evolution in skincare and targeted results.


From a very young age, I witnessed the various women in my life, care for their skin with illuminating creams, powerful serums and tailored skincare regimes. Hypnotized by their rituals and positive emotions, my desire to create the ultimate journey in skincare arose. After many years of continuous, enlightening research including the creation of my patented IBC formation and exceptional leading active ingredients, accompanied with an extensive career in the luxury beauty industry, I have proudly created my own skincare line with Italian finesse and excellence, for all to revive and relive these emotions within the sphere of Pietro Simone Beauty.


Mission, Vision and Pietro’s Promise

Italian Integrity

Historically, Italian brands from high-end fashion design to fine jewellery are revered and respected far and wide. At Pietro Simone, our mission is to bring the world our Skincare and Spa Performance treatments synonymous with the quality of being Made in Italy. All undertaken of course with style, grace and excellence.


Where integral emotion and skincare unify

At Pietro Simone we endeavour to evoke and enrich through authentic values with complete commitment to the consumer through effective technological approaches, integral products and skincare philosophies. Our main aim is to generate optimal, healthy skin that’s proud to be on life’s center stage.

Pietro’s passion and expertise will continue to drive his movement to deliver inspiring, essential products and treatments to the world.

Empowered by mother nature and science

Meticulous, conscientious research and development has been undertaken, blending biotechnology, scientific and natural active ingredients, along with the continuous discovery of new skincare advancements in line with the Pietro Simone brand and ethos.

Our skincare technologies and discoveries continue to produce impressive, inspirational results. And the determination of Pietro and his team will surely empower generations of skincare users, for years to come.

An Evolutionary Revolution

Pietro Simone’s vision is to revolutionise skincare and evolve the beauty and cosmetic industries. As an independently-owned brand and company, in a seemingly daunting world of mega-corporations. We are not fearful, in fact, we are overflowing with excitement in what we offer now and in the future.

Creating one-of-a-kind Skincare and Spa Performance. Our commitment to build will not wane.
Pietro Simone Skin is an evolutionary revolution.
Please join in this skincare revolution – it’s for us all.

Pietro’s Promise

We at Pietro Simone promise to not test on animals or use animal ingredients. We also say no to GMO! And will continue to create reusable packaging.

We promise to become more sustainable as each year goes by to help heal our planet Earth.


Change is a fundamental and continuous necessity towards true positive evolution. At Pietro Simone, we actively commit to hold a continuous assessment on the ability of the Skin, as an organism, to keep itself balanced against environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors, delivering a true 360 degree approach for the ultimate skincare. Our Skin is the Theatre of Life, remains at the core of our philosophy revealing the need for personalised skincare to meet individual skin personalities.

Our formulations are powerful bio-recognisable formulas infused with high percentages of active ingredients, peptides and amino acids and supported with our patented Italian Bella Complex to deliver and support a deep nourishment and rejuvenation to the epidermis. We nurture and protect your skin with the utmost respect and clean formulations.

All of our skincare products do not contain GMOs, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, volatile silicones, synthetic fragrance and colors. We do not test on animals. Our ingredients are of the highest quality with strict laboratory tests performed. We care about our world and take into account the environmental impact of production and packaging practices of our products and commit to a continuous approach to sustain the environment.

Pietro Simone

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