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Imperfection Body Diminisher 200ml

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A high potency blend of Dicarboxylic and Alpha Hydroxy Acids regenerate, retexturise and promote an intense epidermis renewal whilst supporting the skin elasticity, tone and radiance.

  • Texture Target: An intensified, fierce combination of Azelaic, Mandelic and Lactic Acids perform a diligent exfoliation, delivering: skin texture refinement, blemish control, accelerated skin renewal and a glow- revealing epidermis.
  • Energising Target: An intelligent combination of Beta Glucan and Copper Gluconate soothes and calms the skin. Provides an intense deep hydration, promotes collagen synthesis, wound healing and skin regeneration.
  • Rebalancing Target: Sage, Rosemary, Oregano and Chamomile botanical extracts naturally infuses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties.
  • Italian Bella Complex Target: Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration process


  • Key Benefits: Resurfacing, Exfoliating, Anti-Blemish, Firming.
  • Skin Concerns: Orange Peel Skin, Pigmentation, Photo Aging, Stretchmarks, Aging.
  • All skin types including sensitive skin. Gender Neutral.
  • Suitable from 20 years of age upwards.


A Legit Application:

After cleansing, apply 1-2 pumps in each body area; starting from the legs and working towards the glutes, back, stomach, décolleté and arms.

  • First Time Users: Apply and leave the Imperfection Body Diminisher between  2 - 4 minutes for each area. Rinse with abundant lukewarm water.
  • Expert Users: Apply and leave the Imperfection Body Diminisher between 5 - 8 minutes for each area. Rinse with abundant lukewarm water.
  • Use once a week according to your primary skin concern.
  • Avoid the intimate area.

-   Due to the nature of the acids and the exfoliation process, redness will possibly occur and is to be expected.  This is the skin’s natural reaction.

  • A tingling and heat sensation may occur.
  • We highly recommend to use the Imperfection Diminisher during your nighttime routine.
  • Due to body exfoliation, we recommend to use an SPF 50 when in direct light exposure.
  • We recommend to avoid sauna and steam for 24/48 hours post Body Imperfection Diminisher application.