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A collection of face treatments based on advanced hand techniques, intense massages, muscles manipulations and lymphatic drainage. A rigorous hands-on method is applied to support the skin, tone and release muscles tensions, drain lymph’s and increase microcirculation. At the same time, the PS skincare compounds condition and treat the epidermis.

“Old School European” method combined with the real skin necessities.


75m £190

An intensively purifying, detoxifying and moisture-restoring treatment encompassing Pietro Simone’s signature dry massage technique and layering method. This essential facial focuses on purification, hydration and skin-saving nutrients, resulting in increased elasticity and collagen production for vibrant, feel-good skin.


75m £250

An essential skin resurfacing treatment comprised of Pietro Simone’s unique signature organic cotton thread method and signature dry massage technique. This rejuvenating anti-aging facial focuses on a multi-phase deep exfoliation which encourages cellular renewal and increased micro-circulation for smoother-looking healthy skin with renewed freshness and vitality.


90m £350

A prestigious skin antidote experience for the ultimate anti-aging infusion. This regenerative, high-tech facial treatment works on lymphatic drainage and improving muscle tone while reducing oxidative stress and tissue acidosis.

Skin proteins, collagen and elastin are restored with revitalized strength and oxygenation for an overall dynamic anti-aging effect. An exceptional, highly potent blend of peptides helps lift, nourish and promote healthy hydration.


60m £190 – 90m £275

Science meets the ancient Gua-Sha technique to reveal an uplifted epidermis using tailored massage rituals to restore, revive and oxygenate the skin-customized manipulation results in an increased micro-circulation and enhancement of the muscle tonicity for a deeply revitalized epidermis. A profoundly energetic and spiritual uplift of the persona provides a truly unique and revolutionary skin treatment.


90m £475

It’s time to indulge in a new height of luxury with the purest active ingredients and massage techniques that defy the norm. An anti-aging facial with a signature spotlight on a dual step 24-karat gold activation peel and a 24-karat gold leaf structuring and regenerative massage to re-build, re-energize and re-texturize skin. The ultimate alchemy of the intrinsic properties of 24-karat gold empowers next-generation peptides, intensifying the results of increased collagen production, elasticity, brighter complexion and a radiant golden dew.

*LED Photo Therapy Bed or Pressotherapy or Infrared Sauna can be added in each facial £80


Advanced, intelligent and strategic exfoliating Peel protocols are combined with the latest photodynamic infusion and light therapy for deep stimulation, regeneration and reparation of the epidermis.

Wrinkle: Powerful blend of Ferulic, Mandelic, Lactic, Salicylic, Citric and Kojic acids. 45m £190

Blemish/Acne: Strategic blend of Azelaic, Mandelic and Salicylic acids. 30m 175£

Hyperpigmentation: Intense blend of Kojic, Mandelic, Salicylic, Phytic and Tranhexamic acid. 30m £175

Redness: Gentle and effective Azelaic, Mandelic Phytic and Lactic acid combination. 30m £175

High Potency: Advanced TCA and Retinol combination. 45m £345


A collection of ultra-selected advanced technologies where the focused mission is an intensely regenerating and correcting process. These protocols use the latest technologies to achieve intense epidermis stimulation and reboot results. Different epidermis issues are treated, such as aging, hyper-pigmentation, skin laxity, acne, redness, rosacea, hormonal imbalances and related imperfections. The combination with PS manual techniques and Skincare formulations creates new well-being, healing and practical approach promoting an aware skin ecosystem.

“The art of facials meets the technology approach to developing an aware beauty method”. – PS


60m 175

Oxy-Detox technology triggers the body’s natural, physiological increase in oxygen levels internally. Oxygen is carried to the skin’s surface, where the increased oxygen levels prepare the skin for maximum absorption of selected active ingredients. RF, Ultrasounds, Led and the Pietro Simone PRO skincare compounds lead to a deep detoxification mechanism to reboot the epidermis functions.


75m £875

A non-invasive and non-surgical high-intensity ultrasound technology targets the upper dermis 1.5mm, lower dermis 3.00mm and the smas at 4.5mm. The smas is the layer that sits between your muscle and your fat layer. Hifu targets this layer giving a no-downtime deep facial lifting effect.

* Treatment can be performed a maximum of 3 times a year dependent on the skin laxity

* Virtually no downtime * May cause moderate discomfort


60m £150 – £190

Hydrafacial is a multi-stage skin treatment that helps reverse the damage of natural aging and environmental factors by detoxifying the skin, removing dead cells and extracting debris to provide lasting hydration to protect and rebuild collagen levels.


Fractional RF (radiofrequency) uses ultrafine gold-coated needles that gently puncture your skin and deliver RF energy, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Fractional RF helps your skin produce new collagen and elastin and rebuild old and damaged cells.

Typically, improvements are seen 6-8 weeks post-session. Although results are visible after the first treatment, you’ll start to notice more significant changes in your skin following the second treatment.

Full Face Neck 90m £750

Décolleté 90m £750

Eyes 60m £495

*Skin may look slightly/medium red right after the treatment. Sensitivity can occur for 1 or 2 days. The treatment area may feel slightly rough, like sandpaper, for 2-5 days with possible swelling and bruising.


Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure where a series of superfine microneedles infuses Peptides, Amino acids, Collagen precursor, vitamins, Anti-Oxidan and potent Hydrating compound cocktails into the mesodermal layer of the skin. This infusion of revitalizing ingredients corrects, nourishes and rejuvenates the epidermis while stimulating collagen and elastin production, both essential for the skin’s natural elasticity.

Hyperpigmentation 30m £190

Collagen Synthesis 30m £245

Ultra Hydrator 30m £245

Stretchmarks 30m £245

Vitamin Infusion 30m £190


A micro-needling treatment pierces the stratum corneum to create micro-conduits without damaging the epidermis, inducing a healing process. This natural technique helps reduce lines & wrinkles, enhances skin firmness and elasticity, improves the appearance of scarring, refines pores and reduces sun damage & hyperpigmentation.

PS Pro Peptide method combines a personalized peel, peptide microneedle infusion, photobiobynamic therapy and oxygen dome.

50m £275

90m PS Pro Peptide £475

* may cause mild/medium discomfort


30m £ 190

The latest ultrasound technology uses a unique frequency to redefine the jawline. The resonance of the ultrasound-guided waves directs controlled damage to the membrane of the fatty cells to break down the targeted tissue while the vibration of the adipocytes disintegrates the adipose cells to comfortably shape and tighten the skin around the neck and jawline. A unique radiofrequency wave is then used to create a safe, controlled heat, increasing metabolism and stimulating new collagen formation.


60m £200

This innovative radio frequency technology, for contouring the face, delivers the unique, unipolar almawave to create a safe, even heat into the dermis. This effect increases metabolism while also contracting collagen fibers. The contraction stimulates new collagen formation, tightening the skin while simultaneously decreasing the liquid retention held in the face to help lift and shape the face.


75m £650

A gentle laser treatment to help prevent the visible signs of aging and the overall dull effects of time and the environment on your skin. One 10 to 20 minute clear & brilliant session can leave your skin feeling smoother younger and give you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin. Routine treatments deliver lasting results that can keep you looking younger for years to come.


60m £250

Clear lift uses infrared laser combined with the first fractional, non-surgical q-switched laser technology to create a controlled dermal wound while leaving the epidermis intact, allowing to treat sensitive areas of the face, neck and décolleté. This quickly and effectively rejuvenates collagen, improving skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity.


30m £150

Clear skin is the ultimate acne treatment, designed as an option when prescription and over-the-counter creams and treatments do not work. Clear skin uses a combination of non-surgical laser technology to create a vacuum mechanism combined with contact cooling to treat all forms of acne vulgaris in an effective yet comfortable therapy. The treatment works by suppressing acne, reducing sebum excretion rate and reducing the inflammatory response.


The ipixel laser creates pixel-sized perforations in the skin. The perforations heal; a process called epithelization. This process helps reduce blemishes, wrinkles, age spots and delays deterioration of skin texture from aging. Accelerating re-epithelization can be considered exercise for the skin, leaving the skin looking younger and smoother.

Décolleté: 60m £600

Face&neck: 70m £900


30m from £150 to £250

Spider veins form when valves weaken and blood begins to pool rather than flow to the heart. Blood vessels become enlarged and visible on the skin. The dye-vl anti-redness laser is combined with Intense Pulsed light Technology (IPL) containing Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) to create targeted uniform pulses of UV light energy. This combination of technologies closes the vessels while a cold sapphire tip cools the skin during treatment, leaving their appearance reduced or eliminated in a process called photothermolysis.


Hormonal changes can affect the body’s distribution of melanin to the skin, which controls the coloration of our skin. When this balance is affected, sunspots, age spots and melasma (a dark, patchy facial discoloration) appear.

30m £150 to £250

Body from £150


30m £120

Nir uses the q-switched laser, near-infrared technology, or a combination of both to fight fine lines, wrinkles, photodamage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity. Nir lamp causes micro thermal injury by using a high-power light source to achieve safe and effective sub-dermal heating. This contracts the fibers, stimulating new collagen and tightening laxity, improving alignment and thickness.


The PS method extends into the body skin to treat the epidermis with the same strength and rigorous face approach. These advanced protocols are a powerful skin ecosystem ally for the body, from a holistic and relaxing segment to the most advanced and biotechnological approach.


This intelligent and strategic body treatment focuses on the strength of facial treatment into a body treatment; rejuvenation, skin renewal, texture enhancement, pigmentation diminishing, firming, skin barrier repair, deep hydration and nourishment. Pure and essential techniques fuse for unparalleled skin results with Gua-Sha crystals, body tapping and the Pietro Simone signature organic cotton thread exfoliation now tailored for the body for a new skin experience and unrivaled results.

60m £190

90m £290 (Entire body LED body therapy and oxygen dome)

120m £390 (Body Infrared Sauna, full-body LED body therapy and oxygen dome)


150m £2750

Ultra intensive and performing body protocol, focusing on the epidermis quality and aging process with the same strength and concentration as an advanced facial.

BAM-CP consists of an intense PS PRO bio-advanced full-body peel to deeply renew and smooth skin texture followed by a body micro-needle Peptides Infusion and mesotherapy in specific areas for an encompassed skin regeneration process.

A complete LED body therapy boosts and maximizes the actions of the previous step. The Oxygen dome allows deep relaxation; meanwhile, a PS PRO body restructuring compound restores, retexturizes, nourishes hydrates and firms the epidermis.


45m £200 75m £280

A bespoke treatment created to benefit from ancient knowledge using manual tools and powerful essential oils deliver incredible results for lymphatic drainage, skin texture, circulation and increased energy. A combination of bamboo body tapping, dry body brushing and body Gua-Sha will transport you to another time of healing and health, bringing eastern revitalization techniques to the forefront.


A collection of ultra-selected advanced technologies where the focused mission is an intense regenerating and correcting process. These protocols use the latest technologies to achieve intense epidermis stimulation and reboot results. Different body issues/imperfections are treated, such as lymphatic stagnation, aging, hyper-pigmentation, skin laxity and related imperfections.


Accent Prime is a two-phased body contouring and skin tightening treatment that combines the innovations of ultrasound and radiofrequency technology. The ultrasound uses guided waves to direct controlled damage to the membrane of the fatty cells to break-down the targeted tissue. Accentuate uses unipolar alma wave radio frequency waves.

1 area: 75m £350

2 areas: 120m £550


60m £275

Unibody combines the newest technology in radiofrequency body contouring with a massage ring to increase circulation. This creates a safe, even heat that reaches deep into the dermis to increase metabolism while contracting collagen fibers and tightening the skin. Simultaneously, the massage ring decreases fluid body volume while increasing the circulation within the subcutaneous tissue to help clear the lymphatic system.


45-90m £100-£250

Endospheres is innovative and effective in reducing lymphoedemas and cellulite. The cylinder uses Compressive Microvibration® on the skin tissue via a rotating pump which breaks up fat and assists with draining the tissue and repairing the flora. A secure and non-invasive treatment that creates zero damage to varicose veins and lymphatic ducts. The therapy is fundamental during chronic lymph gland rehabilitation programs and lymphatic draining. Patients affected by chronic secondary lymphoedema and knotty inflammation will find results to be quick and exceptional. Combinations of Legs, Buttocks, Stomach, Arms or full-body available.


60m from £250

Hormonal changes can affect the body’s distribution of melanin to the skin, which controls the coloration of our skin. Sunspots, age spots and melasma (a dark, patchy facial discoloration) appear when this balance is affected.


30m £180

Intimate peel is the ideal non-invasive solution to regain the youthfulness and firmness lost over the years of external vaginal tissues. This innovative system is the first peel that lifts and rejuvenates the intimate areas, allowing each woman to feel more positive about her body, improving self-confidence and improving intimacy during intercourse.


45m from £350 per area

A micro-needling treatment pierces the stratum corneum to create micro-conduits without damaging the epidermis, inducing a healing process. This process, combined with the Pietro Simone active ingredients, stimulates, regenerates and rejuvenates. By renewing your skin cells regularly, it targets skin firmness and elasticity, reduces or eliminates face and body scars, helps even out pitted skin, helps reduce sun damage, helps hyperpigmentation, reduces stretch marks and helps reduce cellulite.


45m £150

Zerona laser targets excess fat by externally emulsifying fatty tissue through cold laser technology.

It provides an alternative fat loss treatment without the adverse side effects of surgical and other weight loss procedures like liposuction. Multiple sessions are required for optimal results.


30m from £250

The ipixel laser creates pixel-sized perforations in the skin. The perforations then heal which help reduce blemishes, wrinkles, age spots and delay the deterioration of skin texture from aging.

The acceleration of re-epithelization is an exercise for the skin, leaving the skin looking younger and smoother.


60m £120

A modern and effective way of stimulating the lymphatic system to help remove toxins and waste products from tissue. Overlapping chambers provide a gentle massage that encourages natural circulation and lymphatic drainage through the body, helping to transport fat molecules from cellulite tissues to muscles and other organs for oxidation, relieving pain, reducing swelling and cellulite while promoting health and well-being.


15m – 30m. From £80

Spider veins form when valves weaken, and the blood begins to pool rather than flow to the heart.

As this happens, the blood vessels become enlarged and visible. A long-pulsed laser uses a combination of technologies to close the veins while a cold sapphire tip cools the skin during treatment, leaving their appearance reduced or eliminated.


From 15m From £50

Two special lasers provide clinically proven solutions to targeting infections beneath the nail plate and clearing nail fungus with a few short treatment sessions by breaking the hard outer shell of the fungus spore and heating the area beneath the nail bed thermally, deactivating the unwanted micro-organism.


– You can book calling Landline +44 (0) 2070165611, Mobile and WhatsApp +44 (0)7534132446 or

– A 30% deposit will be required when booking an appointment for a Treatment. The balance is to be paid immediately upon completion of the Treatment.


– 24 hours notice is required to cancel or postpone a Treatment(s). Where you provide less than 24 hours’ notice the deposit paid will not be refunded unless we are able to fill your appointment.

– If you do not attend an appointment and have not exercised your right to cancel you will be charged in full for the Treatment.

– Late Arrivals for your Treatment time will not be extended and you may not receive the full amount of time allotted for the Treatment although you will be charged the same price for the Treatment.

– In all cases we will seek payment using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise.

– If you have never received any Treatment from us previously or if you are receiving a Treatment you have never previously undergone, we require you to arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment in order to complete a questionnaire regarding your health and well-being. The questionnaire will ask questions about you, including your age, health, dietary habits and any information which we consider necessary before we begin the Treatment. This is to enable us to determine whether the Treatment is suitable for you. If you refuse or do not answer any questions, we may decline to provide any Treatment(s) to you. If you do not arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment your Treatment time will be delayed and reduced to allow you to complete the questionnaire.

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