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Italian Bella Complex

 Extensive, scientific research was conducted throughout Italy to combine five powerful natural regional ingredients, rich in nutrient properties and with an unrivalled authentic active core ingredient list to create our potent & patented Italian Bella ComplexTM, present in all of the Pietro Simone Skincare range.
The result is an ultimate synergy on the skin, created with high-tech innovation and combined with natural Mediterranean jewels of the earth to deliver exceptional visible results. 
Italian Bella ComplexTM  is the  perfect unison of purity and performance. 
Our below Italian ingredients capture and reinforce the Pietro Simone blueprint allowing skin to reach unrivalled results regardless of age and environmental stressors:
· Cold pressed, filtered, Tomato seed oil lipoactives from Puglia, neutralise the effects of free radicals and improves skin tonicity. 
· Apple Annurca extracted from the volcanic region of Vesuvio holds anti-fatigue, anti-stress properties and reactivates the skin’s natural defences. An additional anti-glycation action strengthens the skin,brightens the complexion and even’s out skin tone. 
· Tuscan Grapeseed oil  rich in beta-carotene, Vitamins D, C, E and essential fatty acids (EFAs) is a potent anti-wrinkle combater. 
· Edelweiss merestamatic cell cultures sourced from the Alps of Northern Italy, possess anti-oxidising and anti-ageing properties that protect against photo-ageing, environmental aggressors whilst lifting and firming the skin. Edelweiss additionally promotes collagen production. 
· Vinacciolo oil, from Tuscany and Sicilian Almond oil extensively nourish and smooths skin.