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With a profound experience in medical grade formulations and applications along with technological cosmetic training in the field of advanced skincare, Pietro Simone used this profound and passionate expertise for the ultimate culmination of his bio-recognisable formulations to meet the demands of skin at all stages of life.  “Our Skin is the Theatre of Life” is the foundation to our coveted formulations.  


At our Laboratory, based in Italy,  the founder exclusively worked with scientists and leading technology for the ultimate alchemy between the purity of our ingredients harnessed in our formulas along with the power of scientific performance to achieve an elevated tailored skin response.  Our patented Italian Bella Complex TM was meticulously created combining a scientific elixir of five regional Italian active ingredients to protect against oxidative stress,  photo-damage and  protein glycation whilst intensely promoting an anti-ageing, anti-oxidising and brightening of the epidermis for a healthy skin ecosystem.   The infusion of our patented IBC with our advanced Biotechnological Peptides, Antioxidants, Proteins, Vitamins, Advanced Marine Solutions bio-compatible with human skin, Peptides and Amino Acids, support and enhance the performance of the epidermis for unrivalled results.