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Multi Dynamic Body Refining Cleanser 200ml

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An active, multi-skilled revitalising body cleanser detoxifies, refines, optimises and stimulates the epidermis ecosystem supporting a continuous regenerating process.

  • Cleansing Target: A trio blend of natural saponin plant extracts perform an intense and vivacious epidermis detox, respecting the skin barrier.
  • Refining Target: A volcanic micro-particle performs a gentle superficial epidermis exfoliation.
  • Microbiome Target: Ginger, Frankincense and Grape molecules work the epidermis and Corneum Stratum to rebalance the skin microbiome fighting redness, inflammation, acne and preserving the skin barrier.
  • Skin Support Target: The natural molecules from Nigella oil fight skin eruptions, inflammatory activities and counteracts photo-aging signs while soothing and nourishing the epidermis.
  • Rebalancing Target: Sage, Rosemary, Oregano and Chamomile botanical extracts naturally infuses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties.
  • Italian Bella Complex Target: Pietro’s signature compound supports the skin’s regeneration process.


  • Key Benefits: Refining, Resurfacing, Exfoliating, Microbiome Enhancer, Anti-Blemish, Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Skin Concerns: Uneven skin tone, Roughness, Pigmentation, Photo Aging, Sun damage.
  • All skin types including sensitive skin. Gender Neutral.
  • AGE RANGE: Suitable for all ages.


A Legit Application:

-Daily Application: Apply 4-5 pumps of Multi-Dynamic Body Refining Cleanser on damp skin and massage in circular motions. Rinse.

-We recommend to perform circular motions to support and enhance the lymphatic system, starting from the ankles and working your way up towards the décolleté.

-We recommend to avoid the intimate area due the mechanical exfoliating volcanic micro-particles.